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Let's Get Plant Based: Making the Transition to a Plant Based Lifestyle.

Stop. Take a deep breath. This is not the end of ice cream, bbq and all things animal product. This is a transition from your current lifestyle choices, to plant based choices. Wether you are doing it for health reasons, environmental reasons, or because of animal cruelty we have your back and will support you on your journey.

Here is a list I put together on all the most helpful tips I have learned when switching to a plant based lifestyle.

  1. Do not go cold tofurkey! (yes I know that is a bad joke.) - Just getting into a plant based diet? Go slow and limit foods week by week, at your own speed.

  2. Try all the plant based replacements - Try all the nut milks, vegan protein sources, and ingredients to find what you like and what you don't. Experiment.

  3. Take 30 minutes every couple days or a week to learn how to cook something new. It's amazing to see what you create with vegetables and plants, it becomes inspiring and you also get to see that you can make quick and easy meals that are extremely healthy.

  4. Budget and make lists! - Making a list of meals for the week, or grocery lists are extremely helpful. It doesn't take long. I know a lot of people think going plant based is expensive, well once you budget and make lists you will realize it's not!

  5. Go to plant based friendly restaurants. - Make plans to go to restaurants that have lots of options for vegans. Don't just go to any old place and get a salad. That's no fun and won't make you interested to stay with the plant based diet.

  6. Have fun with it - It's the summertime, if you want to go get that soft serve ice cream, don't beat yourself up. Get it! The ice cream store will always have a non dairy option, but if you want the real deal, just do it. If you become too strict too fast, you will be full of regrets.

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