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Hopes & Dreams for Lettuce Get Fit.

Lettuce Get Fit is the brand my partner and I created and live. We do not push diets or exercise, we just give motivation and inspiration. Lettuce Get Fit is a combination of everything we love to do. Cook, workout, inspire and be creative.

We hope to grow Lettuce Get Fit and create an actual physical business with it. Right now we are working on Registering the name and logo for Lettuce Get Fit so it is ours. I am going to start learning and educating myself on how to run a successful business as well as work on the perfect business plan for Lettuce Get Fit. (and obviously make money to even run a business in the mean time.)

We want a place where everyone feels comfortable and inspired. We want to create a feel good atmosphere and a lifestyle. Our dream for the business is a cafe, with a small simple menu, great coffee, and awesome, healthy, mostly vegan foods, and of course our Lettuce Get Fit smoothies! We want to have a place for you to come and relax and hang out with seating indoors and seasonally outdoors. We want our business to be a place where you can capture your perfect Instagram breakfast picture and snapchat your favorite inspirational quote of the day. Our goal is to have our Lettuce Get Fit cafe be your favorite place to go. It doesn't stop there though. My dream for Lettuce Get Fit is to have a beautiful, clean studio attached to the cafe. We will have personal trainers and fitness group instructors come teach classes during the day. From Yoga, to HIIT, to cycling, maybe even a kick boxing class. The options are endless. You could go to your morning yoga class and grab a coffee and some avo toast in the same place. We will create an environment that you feel amazing being in. These are our hopes and dreams, but I am driven to make these a reality as soon as I can. Lettuce Get Fit will be big and I hope and dream that you will come and enjoy a cup of coffee and a studio class when we do.

Lettuce Dream Big!

Love the girls of Lettuce Get Fit,

Drew River and Jayna Florann

Here are some pics off our Pinterest Board of our ideas (not including our personal creative touches of course)