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Pink Steamed Dumplings

Why eat boring dumplings when you can eat PINK VEGAN STEAMED dumplings! When I first made these I didn't even think they were going to be pink, but that was just another plus to this tasty recipe.

What you need : Vegan Wonton Wrappers 1 beet Butternut Squash Chinese Cabbage Sesame seeds Tamari Sauce Sprouted Tofu Toasted sesame oil Ground ginger

First you want to dice and cook all your vegetables and break apart tofu. The tofu is cooked on the stove top with sesame oil and ground ginger to look almost like a scrambled egg. The vegetables are baked in the oven at 400 with oil and salt. Then steam the cabbage in a pot. Let everything’s cool. This is the fun part. Take your wonton wrappers and wet them around the edges. Then start to fold them like an envelope. Before folding the last corner, stuff the wantons with all the fillings. Then wet down the wrapper to fuse the dumpling together. Pinch all sides and set to the side. To steam, place in a pan with water and oil and put a cover over it on medium heat, when water boils add dumplings. Wait about 5-6 minutes. Serve with tamari sauce. ☺️

(Sometimes the dumplings break in the water, which yes it happens, just make sure you wet down the edges of the wrappers and make sure there are no holes for the water to seep in.) HAPPY COOKING!

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