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Thai Rice Wraps

This is one of Lettuce Get Fit's favorite lunch recipes. This recipe combines lots of crisp and green veggies, and basically whatever you have in the fridge. Our famous warm thai peanut sauce goes so well drizzled on these wraps that you will think that they were made for each other. Lettuce Get Fit hopes you enjoy this recipe as much as we do.

Ingredients: (this can be altered to your liking)

- red cabbage

- cucumber

- shredded carrots

- shredded green cabbage

- spinach

- swiss chard

- avocado

- cilantro

- basil

- tempeh

- peanut butter

- agave or maple syrup

- toasted sesame oil

- tamari sauce

- rice paper/ wraps


1. wash, chop and shred veggies you would like to use in wrap.

2. Prepare tempeh seasoned to your liking, chop either in small cubes or thin slices for wrap purposes.

3. rice paper in a plate of warm water for 15-30 seconds per side.

4. Take out of water and add all vegetables and tempeh of your choice, not too much or it will be hard to wrap properly. 5. The wet rice papers do stretch, sometimes it may take a couple tries to master the wrap. Roll up like you would a burrito and set aside. Directions (for sauce) 1. Heat peanut butter in the microwave for 30 sec 2. Add a tablespoon of tamari 3. Add a tablespoon of agave or syrup 4. Add a teaspoon of sesame oil 5. Mix and serve with spring rolls

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