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Hey Bibbs!
Plant Based Snickers Bar! Looking for so
Veggie Skewers! With the warm weather we
Our sushi recipe_Ingredients__Nori wraps _Sushi (sticky) rice_Cucumber _Rice vinegar_Sugar_Avocado_S
Dreaming of acai bowls on the beach💕
Berry Cheesecake Smoothie

Lettuce Get Fit is a wellness business. We strive to combine health, Wellness, plant based foods and positive vibes!

Our Story

Lettuce Get Fit

Lettuce Get Fit was created in 2017 by two cousins with a passion for cooking and starting their own business. They want to inspire people everywhere to embrace health and wellness through delicious recipes, self care, and fitness. They started out with just recipes and expanded into a business! Now we have a Lettuce Shop and an Ecommerce store called Home by Drew where you can find fun kitchen and wellness items! 

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